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It's not that we want you to work during your holidaying with us! But our diverse range of activities here with may be reason enough for you to step out of your comfort zone and indulge yourself in some feel-good karma.

Feeding Tea-Time snacks at Amritsar's Blind School

Rai Bahadur Rattan Chand O.B.E, the noted ancestor of this haveli donated land to construct Amritsar's only Blind School. This all boys charitable Blind School provides accommodation to all age groups upto university education from Punjab and neighboring states. It runs till today in the name of his Trust and provides shelter & food to a number of visually handicapped. Ranjit's SVAASA will be pleased to organize an escort and transportation for your visit to the Blind School during their tea-break hours. We suggest you buy some fruits or savory snacks and beverages on your way to distribute amongst them. Monetary donations to the Blind School are at your discretion, maybe handed over to the manager in charge directly, and and official receipt collected.

Feeding the Cows at the Gaushala and Historic Shiv Temple darshan

Over 200 cows are looked after in this Gaushala ('gau' means cow and 'shala' means shelter) located within walled city of Amritsar. Also, a part of the Rai Bahadur Rattan Chand O.B.E Trust, it supplies cow's milk to a number of homes including Ranjit's SVAASA . It's a very simple yet captivating experience, apart from being considered holy to feed an animal. Additionally, walk across the Gaushala to pay homage to an ancient 'prachin' Lord Shiva Temple e with fresco work on its walls and 'gyarah' 11 Shivlings. Dating back to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, it was built out of gratitude by him for the Holy Sage who cured his ailing wife. An escort andtransportation is provided as a part of this visit.

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