Mehra Family Food Walk

Walk the streets of Amritsar tasting the sweets and savouries known for their authenticity and flavor across generations and preferred by us. Curated by the Mehra Twins, this is a gastronomical delight.

Feeding the Cows at the Amritsar Gaushala & historic Shiv Temple darshan

Over 500 cows are looked after in this Gaushala started by R.B. Rattan Chand. It operates till date supplying milk to local houses. You can enjoy feeding the cows and see the milk packaging machine installed in the gaushala. Also visit the beautiful and ancient 11 Shivlinga Temple with fresco artwork on its walls and ceilings, built by Maharaja Bhan Singh.

SVAASA Village Tour

Visit a local village, 'pind' as we call it in Punjabi and walk the open fresh fields. Meet the local village folk as they milk the cows, ride their tractor or bull cart and enjoy simple village living. They are ever so happy to welcome you to their land as you soak in the nuances of raw, unadulterated village life.

Akhada Experience & historic Ram Tirath Visit

Visit a ‘Kushti’ practice, traditional Punjabi wrestling, considered one of the oldest sports of this region in the midst of the fields of Amritsar. Post the akhada go across to visit the historic Saint Valmiki Ashram Temple. It was built to honor the birthplace of Luv-Kush, twins of Lord Ram & Sita

SVAASA Cooking Class & Gourmet Delicacies

Our much loved and very popular cooking activity covered by several international celebrity cook shows.

Learn a 3-course traditional home-style Punjabi meal and/or traditional delicacies with our SVAASA chef and kitchen team. Customize your menu as per your preference, be it quick pass-arounds, main-course or desserts and we shall be pleased to demonstrate and share the step by step cooking process with you.

Enjoy the tasting of items interactively cooked and carry back your notes to replicate this lovely Indian meal at your home.

Sri Sri Pranayama-Yoga-Meditation Private Class

A 60 minute private class on the ancient yogic asanas native to India that evoke physical, mental and emotional balance.

Step in under the guidance of our visiting Yoga instructor in any soothing area of the property that you resound with and slow down your pace for a wonderful session.

Each class is followed by Pranayam; the simple but powerful ritual of holistic breathing, extension thereof for increasing positivity in the mind and body and Meditation; the art of letting go and reaching a state of stillness - bliss.

Celebrating Festivals

We enjoy each festival of North India be it Lohri, Baisakhi, Holi, Navratra, Diwali and more where the entire haveli becomes one to celebrate with the staff and its guests

Corporate Senior Level Meets

We have held workshops by MNC’s for the senior level designations

Shoots & Films

Jewelry shoots, fashion shoots, films have been done at the haveli for its unique beauty

Intimate Weddings

The haveli has been taken as a buy out to privately enjoy each and every space for a wedding rituals and ceremonies.

Take-back from your stay at Ranjit’s SVAASA

Live in a noted luxurious Haveli with a Hindu-Punjabi family and their caring staff.

Experience the same personalised Mehra hospitality extended to our relatives and friends when they visit us.

Delicious home-cooked food that is our family tradition and native to the region of Punjab.

Pet friendly, meet our popular and much loved Chochi the III