Reception Lounge
With ample corners to sit and relax in while facing the foliage

Empire Lounge
Library cum sitting with complimentary use of a desktop

Herbs Café
For the cosy high-tea and candle-lit dinners

Green Room
Flat screen TV with Netflix, a Cards Table and board games for Kids

Vaastu friendly architecture and interiors.

Several rain water harvesting drains to replenish the water table of mother earth.

Solar water heating panels for 24 hour hot water supply.

Chemical free, water based paint for indoor and outdoor are used.

We make our own compost using kitchen waste and dried leaves.

Complimentary WIFI

Evening Turndown Service in each Room & Suite

Goodbye Token for each Guest

Cotton & Woolen Tapestries

Paraben free, SLS free Toiletries

Hibiscus Spa Pavilion

What use to be the cowshed and the horse stables is now the quaint and beautiful spa pavilion housing three spa chambers.

We bring together the age-old Ayurveda Therapies from Kerala. Traditional oils made of herbs, plants, weeds and more to help the body renew and recover.

We use kitchen cosmetics and plant produce to make our own fresh ingredients for our range of western therapies addressing the body as a whole as well as for shorter duration therapies giving attention to specific areas such as a back, legs etc.

All our aroma oils are home-made blends using pure essential oils playing on the physiological body.

We have devised a four way thoughtful regime that targets disturbances to help re-attain one’s peace. Craft your own therapy as you know your body and mind the most.

P ~ Pressure, to release blockages & pent-up emotions that hinder the flow of life-force

A ~ Attention, for areas that tend to hold negative energy manifesting in physical forms

S ~ Speed, natural rhythm that revives a healthy blood and oxygen circulation

T ~ Technique, healing given through the thumbs, fingers and hands to reinstate wellness


Feel free to talk to us and let us know what kind of a massage you are seeking using this four way pattern. Our therapists look forward to bringing you back to your circadian rhythm and enjoying the .

SVAASA & Social Responsibility

Ranjit’s SVAASA opened it’s doors in the year 2000 with locally employed manpower who were trained hands-on from scratch by the Mehra family during the restoration of the haveli. Some of them are with us till date.

We openly hire widows and women from nearby villages seeking a respectable stability.

We support local charities, the blind school and the animal shelter through the earnings of our SVAASA Experiences and short jobworks.

All our hires span across the country and are from a non-hospitality background.

We recruit from NGO’s like Pratham who train village boys and girls with basic skills to earn a living for their family.

We appreciate dedication and skill. Our English speaking Captain in the dining was our dishwasher a few years back. One of our senior team member started as a night errand boy.